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Our Company – EngPro OÜ – is a reliable operator in the market of oil and gas equipment, as well as in the field of introduction of new technologies and software solutions for data processing and analysis of drilling process and well information.

EngPro OÜ participates in handling various tasks related with supplies of drilling and processing equipment, as well as providing software support for the needs of our customers. Both leading oil and gas companies and independent enterprises and contractors are found among our key customers.

The operational issues addressed by the experts of EngPro OÜ include the selection and building up complete sets of equipment, basing on customer requirements, harmonization of technical specifications, search for the optimal versions according to price and quality criteria, organization of procurement and verification of manufactured equipment, as well as optimization of deliveries. Higher professionalism of our personnel possessing extensive experience and training at the industry enterprises in Russia, Europe and other parts of the world, responsibility in fulfilling their obligations – are the basic components of excellent reputation that EngPro OÜ has among its partners, including international ones.