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Our company is new, but the professionals working with us have years of experience in providing services in the field of materiel, technical and logistical support for oil companies. One of the activities of EngPro OÜ is the development, manufacture and supply of chemicals intended to increase oil production. Chemicals are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of customers in order to maximize the effect of their application in various types of oil fields.

Our product line includes more than 120 different models of screw motors and more than 30 models of turbodrills.

EngPro OÜ leases the following drilling tools and equipment used for drilling and well servicing:

  • PDM (mud motors);
  • Geared turbodrills;
  • Turbodrills;
  • Core extractors;
  • Drill-pipe shock absorbers;
  • Oil jars;
  • Emergency containment tools;
  • BHA components.